Hi, I'm Nancy, owner, event designer and catering director at All That Glam, Creative Events. You might know a little bit more about me from our story. I am proud to have created a company that highlights the personality, culture and history of our clients. I'm also proud, so proud actually, to own one of the few ethical catering options in Dallas.

I LOVE to cook, travel, handcraft, entertain and redesign almost everything I run into, and between events,  I will try to put together some articles that I hope you enjoy.

This is not an exclusive wedding blog. this is a reflection of what inspires me, my dreams, what I admire, what I love and  everything in between. This is how you will find here whatever motivates me, trips, tips, inspirational photos, recipes , researches and DIY ideas, some are mine, some I find and share,

Cooking connects me with people I love, building memories while experiencing new flavors.  I cook with love and with what I find in my kitchen, I don't follow recipes (this was learned from my mother), so I'm challenging myself to write down everyday meals ingredients and directions,  in order to share them with you. Please be patient, once done I'm sure that you can also put a new spin on them!


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A classic red and black Mickey Mouse sweet table… Simple because baby Axel – and his mother – love it, we brought to life Disney’s most memorable character with this candy and de

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Swarovski Bridal Collection

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Swarovski presented its Bridal Collection on a private tea party event and we were there to style it up!

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Vineyard Wedding

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Nestled in the heart of Mc. Kinney, TX…

Natural surroundings embraced cabernet reds and oaky browns showing off the beauty of the romantic venue. Intimate wedding that glowed

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Intimate Wedding

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J.D. + T

This was not a traditional wedding. This was a celebration of a couple’s relationship. They have no theme, no wedding party, no rehearsal dinner, no dancing… and y

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Taste of Boisset

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A special evening with organic food and wine lovers…
Decorations are a passion for us, that is why we jumped to a new challenge when Boisset’s ambassadors in Dallas invited us b

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Recipe: Sliced baked pears

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Sometimes the best dates are the ones you have at home. You can pop the cork on the same champagne you served at your wedding, light some candles and make a simple but tantal

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5 of the Top Wedding Trends for 2016

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 The new year is tagging along a brand new wedding season.

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Food Bar Stations

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A tasty way of enhancing any space and event…

Food bars stations are a trend that guests love! If you are n

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The beginning

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All That Glam-Creative Events, was naturally born after organizing, decorating, cooking, designing and sewing my own gown for my wedding. Everythi

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Timeless Glam…

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From the perfect black dress to the cropped pants and ballet flats and the pearls, pearls, pearls… we can never get enough Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor, Sofia La

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Celebrating our mothers

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…I remember when I was a child, thinking that my father was Sandro, a very popular Argentinian singer back in the 80’s … imagine that! I list

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Royal Wedding or Fairy-tales?

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Love is in the air… Spring is around the corner and we wanted to welcome it with glamour. What more glamorous than royal weddings? These dazzling

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