Advocate of sustainable farms, lover of animals, natural textiles and old tailoring. Creative since childhood, born and raised in an Argentinian home where European flavors and fashion where part of everyday life. She sewed her first dress at 7 years old and designed her first gown at the age of 15. Despite her strong creative spirit and love for style, and design, she jumped into a humanistic career and graduated from Law School at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). She spent the early part of her legal career working at a law firm while designing her own wardrobe. In 2014, she gave way to her true passion while planning, decorating, cooking and sewing for her own wedding. She is also “mother” of two “dog-children”, who were in fact “responsible” of her love story.


Nature and animal lover, master of paper crafting. Born and raised in Mexico City.Accomplishing a career in Food Engineering and Business Administration, life took her to the Hospitality Industry where she spent almost 9 years. Since she can recall, her passion for traveling and experiencing new places, cultures and flavors has been there, and after having already traveled throughout Europe, one day she decided to set off for, first, Africa and, then, South America, where the thought of spreading the word about all these wonders, was reaffirmed. After all these travels, Carla came back to America to find out that her brother was getting married to the Argentinian girl…

After organizing, decorating, cooking, designing and sewing the gown for her own wedding, Nancy’s creative passionate spirit begged for expansion. Being now a certificated Wedding Planner, she and Carla are now owners of All That Glam, Creative Events. They began this amazing journey with fresh and inspirational ideas, and their young event stylist company has already started gaining a position in the Dallas market.

All That Glam brings two nations together that embrace exotic tastes and traditions, fusion that gave birth to a free, spontaneous, rich and creative styling and cuisine, inspired by the owners’ experiences, cooks and travelers, and this passion is embodied to provide the most unique and stunning event.

“If you are looking for an event planner, designer, and stylist with an unique taste and the capacity to understand who you really are, reach out to us.

Let us help you enrich your traditions, tastes, culture and love story…You would genuinely love the result.
We can’t wait to hear all about you…”

Nancy & Carla